Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer is almost here

It’s warming up – the first day of summer is only a few days away. Our ‘normal’ high is usually 100f, but this week it’s scheduled to be a little warmer. Yesterday it was up to 104, Thursday we are predicted to hit 108f (42c). I’m looking forward to a warm July.

Someone last week responded to my chiller photographs – so here is a shot of the ones on top of the convention center.

The two dozen smaller ones have been up there for a while – I don’t know if they are just for the convention center space or also handle the main hotel tower next door. The three big ones are newer; I think they were put in for the new hotel tower. I have no idea where the stuff for the two new towers will be put – equipment like this is usually not put up on the roof, but in a separate building like these and the last picture.

Last week we were walking through the parking garage of the big hotel next door and walked past this limo line.

Small one in the back, SUV in the middle and a mid sized stretch in front. These are parked at the rear entrance to the front desk, so are probably contracted out to somebody. The hotel has a dozen or so of their own, but in a beige instead of the ‘standard’ limo black. Out under the front portico are a few dozen more, but at least these drivers get to sit in the shade. Yes, that 101f is in the shade. I don’t know how many limos are in Vegas, but you can stand out on the strip and count dozens flowing past.

Last Saturday we went down for the Spring Jazz in the Park sequence at the county center.

This is a series of free concerts in the spring; we sit on the grass with picnic baskets and coolers and whatever and listen to the music for a while. It was a really pleasant evening watching the sunset, enjoying the light breeze and the music. Last week was Bill Frisell, pretty good on guitar but not someone I’ve heard of before this.

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