Monday, June 04, 2007

Blue moon

Thursday night we had a blue moon – that is what we call the second full moon that occurs in a calendar month. Here’s the Obliquty definition that lists several interesting bits. OK, looking at all of their tables indicates that it wasn’t really a blue moon, guess the full moon didn’t really happen until Friday. Well, it looked pretty full from my front yard.

Recently came across some photos that a fellow worker here took of the new years’ fireworks along the strip. Each New Year’s Eve the hotels along the strip coordinate a big fireworks display. Las Vegas Boulevard is closed from Sahara down to Tropicana, and people wander between the casinos and fall into various stages of drunkenness. Most locals tend to either go down there once, then find the five hours it takes to get your car out of a parking garage is not worth it, or they go every year to enjoy the party. We haven’t gone at all. A friend that is a police man does not enjoy that holiday, all officers are required to put in overtime, and just too many fights occur among the drunks. Anyway, the fireworks are all coordinated between the hotels – shot up from the roofs to music.

It looks like there was a full moon back then too.

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