Thursday, June 07, 2007

Garden fruits

Hey – some exciting things going on in my garden. Came across this last week:

Tomatoes in May! Usually I’m wondering if some will be red by the Forth of July. Even though it gets hot here, planting time can’t take place until it stays warm at night. Since this is a desert we usually have a thirty degree swing between night and day, so though it might be up in the high seventies in April it still can swing down to the low 40’s at night, which is too cool for the types of plants we put out that can tolerate the heat. So to get these, even if they are only cherry tomatoes, is exciting.

We had some high winds when the fruit trees were in bloom, which took off most of the flowers. As a result there is not much fruit at all coming out this year. A few apples, almost no peaches and the peach tree didn’t even turn very pink as it some years does. But a new weeping plum was put in last year, and some fruit there managed to hang on.

It’s turning colors, waiting for these to sweeten up and fully ripen, anxious to see if they are as good as I hear.

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