Friday, June 29, 2007


Exciting news for Brits - the Spice Girls will be hitting Vegas in December as one of their three US stops. Anybody want me to get tickets?

And, a branch of Tesco will also be opening, as soon as they find a building to rent.

Just over at IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase), one of my favorite web sites. It has info on every movie I've ever looked up. I usually have my computer on at home, and if we have a question while watching something on TV, such as 'who the heck is that actor, the voice is familiar', I run over to IMDB and look it up. There are cross references between actors and films, both movies and TV shows, so you can bounce around for quite a while seeing what other things an actor was in, and what the other actors over there were in, and so on and so on and so on . . .

Back to now, for some reason I was at IMDB looking somebody up and ended up at the movie 'REform School Girls'. I saw part of it on TV once, and it seemed to be one of the funiest stupid movies I've seen. One of the 'stars' was Wendy O Williams, and I'm looking at her biography. Some lines there seem really amusing:

"Dropped out of school in the 9th grade and went to Europe. When she returned to the U.S., Williams worked in live sex." What's the alternative, dead sex? (OK, necrophelia, I get it)

"Was a Grammy nominee in 1982 for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, alongside Lita Ford and Pia Zadora." For some reason I've never imagined Pia Zadora would be classified as Rock, much less nominated for a Grammy.

"(On her past as a live-sex performer): "It was just like working in a donut shop, except you didn't wear a paper hat."" I'm glad she had a basis for comparison.

For those of you wondering what she looks like, do a Google search, for the rest of you, this pic seemed the most relevant:

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