Friday, June 01, 2007

E Friday

Looking at my list of photos, and found two from back in March that I haven’t used yet, and it’s already June.

Somebody’s snack. Remember back when Cheerios were quite a treat?

And animals and rubber ducks to fly with – she took them with her to Portland, but doesn’t have a yard with a swing. Actually, her yard is quite small with no play area, but there is a park nearby. One of her favorite things there is an old fashioned spinner – haven’t seen them at Vegas playgrounds, probably because they would turn into kid grills in the summer sunshine.

The first day they went it was rather cold, and puffy jacket time.

It is pleasant to look up at the trees and see them moving around. Plus you don’t have to hang on when somebody pushes.

She also seems to have found an older boyfriend. I understand this guy always comes over when E shows up. (Dad’s problem, not mine)

And the sun even shows up periodically.

But still the horizontal position seems to be getting the most use.

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