Thursday, June 07, 2007

Three things

I keep forgetting to do this, even though I go over not often enough to read Clare. Sorry.

1. Sunshine and blue skies and sometimes little white clouds.
2. Sitting having breakfast coffee reading the paper outside on my patio, I remembered to put some seed in our bird feeder which sits about six meters away. As a result there are now about twenty little finches and house sparrows quarrelling over the four perches and making a lovely chirpy racket, pushing each other aside and each trying to get their turn.
3. Watching our vicious dog Max run out there to chase the pigeons away. I changed the perches on the feeder so that only the smallest birds can sit and eat, while the pigeons have to shuffle on the ground beneath to find something. Max periodically realizes that there are birds violating his yard, and he runs out there barking. The pigeons just fly onto the power line overhead and wait for him to walk away before returning, the smaller birds stay on the feeder a foot over his head, realizing he isn’t barking at them and he can’t get them anyway.

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