Friday, September 13, 2013

assorted ramblings

Just back from walking outside and we are finally back to our gorgeous clear blue sky without clouds anywhere. For the past few weeks there has been a monsoon sitting off the coast of Baja California several hundred miles south which has been sending moist air up here. This has resulted in rain almost every day somewhere in our valley for the past few weeks. Unfortunately the rain has been spread somewhat unevenly, with some areas getting flooded and other areas just misted. Our official rainfall figure so far this year is 1.55 inches (just under 4cm), about half of what we should have by now. (yes, it is pretty dry here). Yesterday morning it was down to 69f – the first time in 106 days we dropped below 70, but with the monsoon going away it is expected to be back up to 100 by Sunday.

A few weeks ago we went down to City Center and walked around in the drizzle. Here is what Vegas looks like when it’s cloudy and wet – City Center

Crystals shopping center and the Strip

It’s difficult to get photos of the sky without any blue showing.

Next Thursday is international Talk Like A Pirate Day – locally the Krispy Kreme donut stores will give a free dozen donuts to anyone coming in that day dressed like a pirate, with at least three items of pirate type clothing, such as an eye patch, big gold earring, frilly shirt or similar items. You probably have to through in a few ‘Arrrgs’ along with the donut request.

We finally are almost done with our kitchen. Only thing left is for me to finish installing toe plates around the island and B to paint and patch the trim – should be finished tomorrow officially!! Then I get to post photos for my memory of the event. It’s taken us long enough. Next project is my office – moving in those shelves we took out of the living room when we expanded the kitchen and changing around the closet.

Back to Smith Center Cabaret tonight to see Arturo Sandoval, we’re trying seats on the upper level to get a little different view. Looking forward to his music.


Anonymous said...

impressionnante la tour à droite du premier cliché

Anonymous said...

J'aime cette publication !
Bises et bonne continuation !!!

Anonymous said...

Je dépose chez toi un coucou amical en ce mercredi matin !
Gros bisous et passe une agréable journée Joe !!!!

Blond Duck said...

I hope ya'll have fun!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Joe et MERCI pour ta visite sur mon petit blog !
et bonne journée ! :o)

Blond Duck said...

Happy Thursday!

Rob said...

I should like to see Arturo. Hope you enjoyed him.