Wednesday, August 21, 2013

not very blurred

We have tall walls around our cubicles at work, but they aren’t soundproof. Mike in the cube next to me always has a fan running and a local pop station on his radio. For the past week or so the station has been playing Robin Thicke’s song several times an hour – guess it is finally big around here. This probably means that after two weeks it will never be heard again, until it is background music in Home Depot in about ten years. Every time it comes on I recognize the background beat and just flash back to the video: Blurred Lines (which Vevo doesn’t let me embed and our company security software doesn't let me see, so I hope the link works.) I have no idea why those images keep flashing in my head to the music.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour cher Joe !!!
Une musique, une chanson (comme celle de Robin Thicke) peut évoquer beaucoup de choses, beaucoup de sentiments intérieurs.
L'imagination est riche !

et bonne continuation !!!!

Rob said...

Not blurred at all, Joe.

will said...

You asked on my blog which of the "50s" were true. Only two: I live 50 miles from Tacoma and I've sailed across 50 degrees latitude.

SOL's view said...

Heh! I can't understand why they would keep flashing about in your head either! :D

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