Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dogs in the Park

We have been going out for walks in the evening to get some exercise. We leave the house right around sunset and walk over to a park a few blocks from our house and then walk around the perimeter a few times before coming back. The park covers a full block, which in Vegas is about ten acres. The center is open grass with trees and a concrete walk around the outside, with picnic tables, grills and shade structures scattered near the streets, and a big children’s play structure in one corner. The grassy area is not flat, but there are usually people practicing soccer anyway.

Depending on when we go we sometimes see assorted people walking their dogs. Since we’ve been doing this for a while we are recognizing most of them and talking a while. Last night quite a few of them showed up together. This is what the park looks like

And zooming in you can see the assortment of dogs there.

A few minutes later we were treated to some color in the sky. Because of our low humidity and usually no clouds sunsets are not usually very spectacular.

This might be our last sunset walk for a while – right now it’s 102 (40c), with 117 (48c) predicted for this weekend. That usually peaks at around 5pm, but it doesn’t cool off very much until after midnight. I think we’ll go back to floating in the pool at sunset instead.


Blond Duck said...

I'm always up for the pool!

Graciewilde said...

Yes, you made that lovely summer evening under the stars in the pool sound so perfect - but a walk in the park is good too. :)

Elizabeth said...

So now you need to get a dog!
Our dog has his own blog and a cast of characters for chums.....

Don said...

Good choice! Floating sounds like lots more fun than walking in 110F weather even if the sun has gone down.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Great park for walking the dogs Joe..but those temperatures don't sound like much fun at all, I'm guessing your pool is going to be in good use this weekend right! Keep cool.

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