Thursday, February 14, 2013

more kitchen - cabinets in

More kitchen stuff – this was taken prior to those window photos, the first thing we did was take down the ceiling, mainly to get rid of those big fluorescent light panels. We tore it down and then put up new panels rather quickly, as it’s cold in December and we needed to keep the heat in the house instead of escaping up into the attic and out the vents.

I moved the tv room wall back four feet to give us more room and plan on putting in a large counter that we can sit at. New ovens went in along with a matching microwave. The cabinets are from Ikea – we had originally planned on a raised panel birch cabinet, but when down there we walked through all of the kitchen displays and B liked the glossy white ones, which we ended up getting. This is just a test fit, to be sure it looked OK.

We are also putting in a center island with a gas cooktop. This is a test of the cabinets, to make sure that we have enough room to walk around them.

After a month and a half of work we finally have most of the cabinets in, and a lot of detail work ahead of us

We took out the door to the dining room, which is next to the ovens in the upper picture, and moved the door to the laundry room over to the right, shifting the refrigerator from its old place over to the left. The door to the laundry room shifted to a pocket door, to take up less room, as did the new door to the bathroom (down in front of the dryer). The cooktop is in but not yet hooked up, but the exhaust hood is up and working.

We are planning on a white quartz countertop, but haven’t picked it out yet. The island will get a stainless countertop along with the stainless sides and cabinet fronts as a contrast to the rest of the counters. Setting up the cabinets and moving our kitchen table back in made B realize that it would be nice to continue those outer cabinets the whole length of the wall rather than stopping at the end of the window, so it looks like another trip down to Ikea to get another seven feet of cabinets. We are planning on a cork floor, but again haven’t picked anything out. There is a crack in the concrete slab, so we can’t put down tile as it would just crack along with the slab, so need some kind of floating floor.


Blond Duck said...

My in-laws just started remodeling their kitchen too!

angryparsnip said...

Wonderful !
I love your new kitchen.
I put pocket door in three rooms in my home, save space and looks so good.

cheers, parsnip

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Looks like you've got quite a project going on. It's looking great!
Duncan In Kuantan

SOL's view said...

The kitchen looks amazing! It looks really professional. Even I could like working in it. :D

Unknown said...

Hi, Joein! Is the kitchen still a work in progress? This is the last update I’ve seen about your kitchen. I’d love to see how it looks now. The progress you made here in this post is pretty good. You’ve got a lot of storage with those cabinets. Anyway, can you please post the new updates about this project? Thank you. :) ->Randell Jeffries

Unknown said...

It’s good to see things are going well together. It seems you had a pretty tough battle with installing the cabinets. It truly is hard to install cabinets. You have to make sure that the measurements are right so that it won't eat up the entire space left for walkway and other stuff. Well done! ->Elements Home Remodeling

Unknown said...

A kitchen renovation is one of the hardest, yet exciting renovations a homeowner can undertake. You have to be smart on how you’ll use the space, and I can see that you did well on this part. It’s spacious enough to move freely while cooking. Well done!
Gregoria Newsome @ Woods Custom Kitchens

Ria said...

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