Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Kitchen remodel - new ceiling and lights

A four day weekend and we’ve been working on the kitchen remodel. Several things being done to make the space look larger: first was to remove part of the wall to the family room and push back the counter that was there by four feet. That was done a few weeks ago. The next step was to remove the lowered area of the ceiling which had large fluorescent fixtures above large plastic panels. We replaced the lighted ceiling with can lights, with LED spots for over the counters and flourescents for general use.

Started pulling things down on Sunday morning.

By Sunday afternoon it was all down, and I started installing the lights.

Finished the lights on Monday and we put up insulation (12” thick stuff, should keep us warm) and today (Tuesday – Happy New Year!) our neighbor Greg came over, and along with my friend Hans we got all the drywall up. The white areas are where cabinets came out - some overhead and a corner unit. The refrigerator was just to the right of the door. We'll be moving the door to the right, and putting some tall cabinets and the refrigerator in the left corner. This will let us expand the pantry on the other side of the wall, and put in a sliding door to elimiate the space taken up by a swinging door (small bath door visible, laundry room and garage entrance behind that wall)

Next weekend we start on the next item: replacing the 4’ wide window with a higher one (well, the ceiling is higher) and 8’ wide.


Graciewilde said...

Okay! Inspiring! I am planning to do a kitchen remodel over the next couple of months - not too much - a new stove and new countertops, new lighting, removal of some of the wood accents, and a new bench/kitchen table nook sort of thing - doesn't sound like much but could make a big difference in terms of light and color - oh, and hit the wallet at a good $10,00 - $15,000!

California Girl said...

A remodel, eh? We've been remodeling that red farm house for three years and it will never be done because it's so damn old something will keep falling apart. My husband just wants a condo but as long as his mother is alive, we're stuck. She's 85 & lives in the front part.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Happy New Year!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm so interested to see the progress Joe. In a few weeks we will be starting a remodel in the kitchen also, knocking down brick arches to open up the space between kitchen and family room etc. seems like quite a few people are renovating instead of moving these days. Hope you'll show us the progress as it happens.
p.s. loved last post about your Christmas in Vegas, it's just like another world to me here in Perth! In case I forgot, here's wishing yourself and family a very happy and healthy New Year.

Unknown said...

I'm interested in seeing it when it's completely finished, what else are you doing other than just adjustments to the house, are you putting in new counter and cupboards etc?

Don said...

Wow! You aren't just fooling around! Makes me feel really lazy seeing all the work you have done over a weekend. Good on you!

That Janie Girl said...

Wow, that looks amazing! Are you going to leave the "Bon Appetit"? That looks cool too.

Please post pix when you're done!

Happy New Year and Happy Remodeling!

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Tiago said...

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