Friday, July 22, 2011

E Friday, more random

Here we are again, and I am finally doing E Friday on a Friday. Wow, I am impressed with myself (if I really do get to post this.) Inspired by Clare I am posting three photos of my loverly granddaughter E. She now lives up in Portland, and my wife and I get to go up and visit periodically. She is due down in August for her yearly swimming in warm water vacation, which we are looking forward to. Here are three random photos with no relation to each other taken on past trips up there.

E is taking violin lessons, and at one of the group sessions the instructor has the students play as they walk. I don’t know what this has to do with violin playing, unless there is a marching orchestra someplace. (E’s the one in white and red)

Not far from her house is an old amusement park named Oaks Bottom that she likes going to. The place looks like it’s been around for a while, and it’s nothing at all like Disneyland, but being her size and experience level it’s still pretty good. As with most places you end up waiting in line to get on the rides. Being short you grow tired of staring at the butts in front of you.

Grammy picks E up from school, and on the walk home sometimes stops for an ice cream or other treat. These seem to be appreciated.


Sandra said...

Am currently on a low carb diet, so I was very fixated on what Grammy and E were eating...still fixated...yup, still...I'll probably still be sitting here looking at that picture come morning.

Virginia Gal said...

I love that the music teacher is lying on the floor - so in line with what one thinks of an artist. LOL.

Suzy said...

Remember when I used to do Everybody Can Bite Me Fridays? EVERY FRIDAY? WITHOUT FAIL???

Me neither.

SOL's view said...

E Friday. I love them. When you actually put up the pics. :)

She looks like she is concentrating hard during class. I wonder if that's what the walking/playing thing is for - to help with concentration?

Colleen Barnett said...

SOL, I think you have it. When I went to school we used to play an instrument while working to improve hand eye coordination etc blah blah. Makes it fun, too.

E is so cute. Hope you've started that college fund, Grandpa!

Rob said...

She's very sweet. And obviously the playing-on-the-move is training for drive-by Vivaldi recitals.