Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to normal

The weather has finally resorted back to summer normal – nighttime lows of 25 or so (77f) and daytime highs of 43 (110f), the usual 18 (30f) degree swing that provides variety, and chills the all night club goers when they finally get outside for breakfast after drinking and dancing all night. Mornings at sunrise are just beautiful – we can open the kitchen door again without our air conditioner complaining and watch the hummingbirds chase each other away from the feeders, and listen to the two roosters next door welcoming the dawn. Our neighbor across the street, with the trips plus one, ordered some chickens so that she could have fresh eggs (a big thing here in Vegas, raising chickens) and talked our next door neighbor into keeping them in his yard. Well, not all of the little chicks were girls, and it is very obvious now. The noise doesn’t bother us – we have good insulation and can’t hear them at all with the windows closed, which they usually are in the summertime.

But the pool is clear blue and warm and waiting for E to come down from Portland for her summer visit. Last time they were here it was too cold, and she really likes swimming. She still did some magic tricks with the gravel

And did some dance steps around our back yard (yes we do have some grass back there too)

But mostly we appreciated her smile.


Colleen Barnett said...

and what a lovely smile it is!

I wonder how you can stop this person leaving these terrible links on your comments page? Rude!

Keep those lovely photos coming, she is a treasure, isn't it? Good to see your weather has returned to normal.


Virginia Gal said...

You know what I don't like about raising chickens, the mice (they eat chicken feed as well).

AiringMyLaundry said...

That last photo is adorable!

The Blonde Duck said...

How cute!

Rob said...

Virgina Gal - we had a TV programme the other week on lots of things about chicken behaviour you didn't know, and apparently chickens ar very good at catching and devouring frogs and mice if tehy are unwise enough to stray into the chicken run (they showed on with a mouse). I suppose your mice must go in when they're all bedded down.

Daly said...

Darling granddaughter Joe and nice template. I almost picked this one when I noticed I lost the background for mine this week. :)