Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three for spring

Thanks to Clare:
1. The smell of the sweet acacia blooming right outside our kitchen, after a few years here in Vegas that scent now signals spring.

2. Pink blossoms on the peach tree: no grand and glorious pink cloud this year, just a few scattered around with the out coming green leaves.

3. Looking at the weather forecast in the paper, and seeing the high temps going up by three degrees every day, from our cold yesterday up to 78f predicted for Monday. Warm! Yea! (our rosemary bushes are nice blue, filled with bees)

4. Planting the tomatoes and peppers, so that they will set and we’ll pick before it gets to 110f (43C+) (OK, 4)

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Lve the pictures of your yard!