Monday, February 08, 2010


Last week we had some visitors from the far North. We were able to spend a pleasant day with these guys, one of whom I met in a roundabout way through blog comments, the other two who came down to Vegas for a guys wild week out while their wives went on a religious getaway. That seems a fair tradeoff: the women get religion, the guys get Vegas. Not sure what all they did while they were here, but we took them off Strip to a local restaurant and then out to Red Rock.

Red Rock is a National Conservation Area located about a dozen miles west of the Strip, located in the Movaje Desert and a little higher in altitude than here. The above and below photos are from Calico Rocks area, and it is quite colorful.

Above you can see the clouds starting to come down. This was a day after our heavy rains, and there was still a lot of water flowing down the rocks in waterfalls and streams. In a few minutes we were surrounded by thick clouds and getting wet.
A little further along the loop trail we came to an area that had been used for sandstone mining, where the colored stripes were much more pronounced. And there was still a little snow on the ground.

In a strange coincidence some new bling started to show up around town. These little gold pins have started showing up on the outfits of some attractive adult entertainers.

These pins first made their appearance about a year ago, but only a few were seen and then they disappeared. These started showing up again this week. I spoke to the young lady wearing this one and she had an interesting tale about how she got it. She said a nice older man from the far north of Canada gave it to her. Unfortunately, like most younger people (yes, I consider myself an old fart too) geography is not a school subject that students pay much attention to, and young women like this one probably could not find Canada on a world map even if she did know how to spell it. But back to her story; she said the gentleman was very friendly and amusing, telling lots of jokes. He gave her this solid gold pin (instead of a tip) because he liked her, and insisted on pinning it on her outfit himself. She said he had some problems with the clasp that slid on the back, probably due to him loosing feelings in his fingers due to frostbite.

As the poor guy was trying to attach the clasp he kept dropping it, and had to keep reaching around inside her top to find it again, continuously apologizing about his inability to feel anything as he kept feeling around to find the small cap. She said he must have dropped it three or four times but kept smiling and telling jokes and fishing around for the clasp until he finally had it attached. She did say he was ever so nice and friendly and funny and the pin was nice and shiny and probably worth a lot of money because of the price of gold now (I’ll have to remember that line and try it out myself) but for some reason her skin was turning green right behind the pin.
Several other young attractive women in the entertainment industry here in Vegas had similar pins, and told similar stories, about the poor man with frostbite that insisted on putting on the pin but then kept dropping the clasp and having to spend considerable time reaching in to find it because he had lost feeling in his fingers.
This all sounded pretty good, until I noticed other girls with the pin located elsewhere.

And these girls told the same story, about the nice funny man that kept dropping the clasp and kept reaching down to find it. And dropping it, and having a difficult time finding it. Again, seeing as there really wasn’t that large an area to misplace it in, he seemed to be spending an awful lot of time just reaching around.

I kind of feel sorry for him myself, not being able to feel anything and continuously dropping things in the strangest places. Hmm, I wonder if he might have anything to do with the group of Canadians I met.

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