Thursday, September 17, 2009

Piratey change notice:

Email just came from Cap'n Tom:

Arr, ahoy me hearty! PIRATE DAY be THIS SATURDAY!

I be sendin' this year's final Pirate Day email a couple o' days early, just t'keep things clear. As hundreds o' ye told me, I be makin' a slight cock-up in me last message: I be sayin' "Friday 19th" not "Saturday 19th". I be as clear as I can now: Pirate Day be THIS SATURDAY, th' 19th September!

(In me defence, I be sendin' that first email - genuinely - usin' a cell phone while sat on me pirate barge, sailin' down a canal in th' valleys o' Wales. I not be havin' the easiest time proofreadin' it!)

Anyway, that mean this Saturday be time fer swashbucklin', pluderin', an' talkin' like the buccaneer that ye be!

And sorry to disallusion you with the last post. Instead of putting up pictures of pirates like this

Or this

I should have put up one of this guy. He talked much more like a pirate than the other two, and somehow better fits the image I have of what they were really like.

Or perhaps this guy.

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