Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday videos - Drums

When we lived in San Diego different entertainment groups would periodically come by and put on performances. SD is a large city, but many of the big name concerts did not stop, usually hitting Los Angeles instead of our area a hundred miles away. One group that did come through twice was the Kodo drummers from Japan. I don’t know if they are still touring, but if they do wander through your area be sure to go see them. It is very entertaining, not really as dramatic on CD or video as you can’t really feel the concussion produced when six guys use baseball bats to whomp on drumheads that are six feet across. This is a musical performance even the deaf would really feel.Bill reminded me of them in a post he put up a while ago.

This is more of an advertising video from Sony pushing one of their albums, but it does show the range of drums and instruments used along with scenes from the island where they originate.

In a totally different drumming direction is the song with the most famous drum solo that came around when I was in college. They weren’t making music videos back then, so all that we are left with are old men with long hair and white beards reprising their youth back together again to perform and make some retirement money. This one isn’t quite the same as on the album I still have, but pretty close: In A Gadda Da Vida (baby):

One of the greatest drummers from the 40’s was Buddy Rich. Here is is in a drum competition with the drummer from Dr. Teeth: Animal

Animal played with a lot of famous people. Another person not really associated with the drums was Harry Belafonte, but he does pretty good on a single instrument, and he looks like he is really having fun:

OK, as long as I’m bouncing around those related video links at the bottom we might as well look at my favorite again. E’s down, and I seem to have her hooked on this one too (sorry, no drums in this one at all, but you can sing along)

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