Monday, August 21, 2006

Agave Mexican

We met some friends at one of our local Mexican restaurants - Agave - it’s on the west side of town in an area called Summerlin. I’ve written about it before, but thought I could waste your time talking about non-political stuff today. After listening to parts of that presidential press conference this morning I’m glad I just sat outside and had my coffee and calmed down. My representative to the world. O

Back to Agave –

It’s not really a true Mexican place, I guess it’s one of those Fusion places, an Americanized version with the original concepts. But it’s a nice place, food is good and reasonable priced, but with all the hard surfaces it is really noisy inside.

There is a nice large main room, with a bar in the middle under a soaring roof, with lighted stars filling the top. It looks pretty, I like all of the colors. They also have a nice patio:

It follows the common practice of having an open kitchen, so that you can see all of the furious activity involved with creating meals.

I usually order the tacos – they have five or six varieties: several flavors of chicken, pork, beef and even goat. (My wife likes the goat one).

And of course I always finish up with a decaf coffee and one of their desserts. I have a big sweet tooth, and just love desserts. Especially if it’s got chocolate in it.

But I did pass on a trip to the outlet mall, so that E could have her first carrousel ride.

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