Thursday, July 27, 2006


OK, thanks to Deana for some reason I've gotten fished into joining up on the Tour of Homes.

So, not too many words today, just thought I'd share my place. Instructions said to put up five pictures, so first here's the front door.

I've shown it before - when we moved in it used to be plain with framed sections. We took them off, I cut in the holes and installed the window glass, which really brightens up the entry right there, and B went through four cans of paint before finding just the right red.

The next picture is where I blog from. Well, I don't usually do it at home, I do it at work, so here is my computer there.

OK, kind of cheating, but you asked for where I worked on the blog and this is it. Yes, two monitors, a big screen which the company put in and a flat screen to the right of it which I went out and bought. I've got two flat panels on my computer at home - as a programmer I've come to love all the screen space to display different windows at the same time.

Next is the main living room.

This faces the front, taken from just inside the front door. You can see the dining room table, and into the kitchen, off to the right is the tv/family room. I took some shots of that room, 'cause we spend a lot of time in front of the tv, but they didn't come out too well, so here is this one.

Next is the kitchen.

Well, not the counters and appliences, but our table and E's chair, the back door we cut into the wall and installed, and a painting by a friend of France.

Last shot is supposed to by my favorite place. Well, again, this isn't inside, but where I sit and have my coffee every morning and read the paper, eat breakfast, then sit again and have coffee in mid afternoon.

Part of the back patio, right outside the back door from the kitchen seen above. This is my favorite view, and favorite place to sit. Listening to the fountain and watching the birds.

OK, off you go, visit Deana and see who else signed up for this thing.

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