Friday, April 14, 2006

Wheels in the back yard

Just thought I’d run down the list of vehicles we’ve got in our back yard. Besides my hot rod Lincoln and old truck, which appear in the background several times, I mean the smaller stuff.

I’ve already shown you the wagon – that was discovered only two weeks ago or so, and now a backyard tour is expected several times a day. You will notice that one of the cup holders is being put to good use. But there are also other items that we purchased for the entertainment of our Swedish visitors last Thanksgiving.

First is a little car that you push along with your feet. Well, pushing along has not yet been learned, so the use of an external motor is frequently squealed for. The lack of full word pronunciation has not diminished the lung capacity or volume level of requests. So when pushed the feet are frequently run over, resulting in much complaining.

And the battery powered jeep, the battery being in the closet in the house, is being pushed around the yard, not ridden in (yet). She has discovered how to open the hood and examine the engine.

So the yard is filled with wheeled delights. I’m sure the over-eager grandparents will get in another spoiling mood and soon provide more.

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