Wednesday, August 11, 2004

But it's a DRY heat

Yea, yea, yea, I've heard it.

I didn't get home until it cooled off yesterday, but it was 113f at my house in the afternoon, dropped down to 107 by the time I got the camera out. I wondered what kind of picture to take that would demonstrate the heat, but the best my fevered mind could come up with is the lame shot of a thermometer. Sorry for the lack of imagination. It does cool off at night, dropped to 82f by sunup this morning. Back to 112f this afternoon. No significance to the penny. You can see that our air conditioner works.
Humidity was around 20%, which is rather high. Thunderstorms were not predicted but there were some clouds around. When I lived in New Jersey it would not get much over 85f, but the humidity was around 110% and at night it seemed to heat up by a few degrees. I remember many summer nights laying in bed just soaked, hoping for a breeze through the window that never came. Give me the dry heat. I know, I know, as I say, it's dry in an oven too, and the meat gets done. Probably does. But it was 123f in Death Valley, just an hour's drive if I really wanted hot.
Here's a shot of the beautiful window view that I have at work.

That's the window to the right. You can see my desk, with computer, coffee cup and banana. If I lean over I can just see the top of a palm tree outside. The bookcases prevent much of a view, but it's more of a window than anyone else in the room has.
The picture on the wall is of one of my favorite spots, taken in Baynac, France a few years ago. That's my wife addressing postcards for the masses. Red striped umbrellas, and the ever popular world wide plastic chairs.
I found that to be about the most calming, pleasant place in the world. And the site of some of the best meals I have ever had. The foi gras in brown sauce on walnut toast was to die for.

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