Monday, June 30, 2008

Video Monday - songs about Pattie

Do you recognize this woman?

(in reference to a remark by Deanna I’ve changed this from a picture of her today to what she was like back ‘then’ – in the 60’s. And I like the blue eyes)

I didn’t either, but an article in our local paper yesterday discussed her coming to town, and along with Donovan (you remember him? No? OK, I’ll pull out a video later down) giving a talk. She is Pattie Boyd, and there were some songs written about her –

That’s her in the video, along with Yoko and Linda and Maureen, but George wrote it for and about her. (who the heck all those guys with the beards and long hair are I don't know, they are not the Beatles from the old days)

George was her first husband; her second husband also wrote a song about her as well. Eric wrote this while waiting for her to get ready for a dinner party. Most husbands would stand around and complain "come on, I’ve been ready for a half hour now, why the heck does it take you so long to pick out a dress and put on some makeup?", but I guess if you are in love like he was it brings up different thoughts, and he has the ability to put them down and share them with us.

While still married to George her future second husband Eric fell madly in love with her. He wrote this song about her while living with her sister, but changed the name so as not to cause problems with friends.

This was the original way it was played when first written. The comparison of the two versions, both done by the same guitarist and singer always impresses me. The older version is the one I remember most, being played quite a lot when I was back in college.

Must be something, to have some two of the greatest guitarists (well, that I remember) write songs like that about you. Type her name into YouTube and you get 184 hits, including an interview. She is the one that turned the Beatles on to the Maharishi and started their meditation phase. According to Mick Jager he chased after her as well, but she ended up for a while with Ron Wood instead. She and Donovan (remember him? OK – here’s his video back in the psychedelic 60’s)

are in town for the three day Las Vegas Fest for Beatles Fans across the street at the Mirage, also home to Cirque du Soleil’s Love.

OK, as a comparison, here is the picture that Deanna did not think of as being very attractive. I would have to agree with her, but as we all grow old we change. Inside I still think of myself as I was and each morning wonder who that old guy is in the mirror looking out at me. The three videos of Eric above are also interesting, showing a backwards movement from short haired old man to hair and beard in middle age to that long haired rocker of youth.

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