Friday, June 06, 2008

OK, is it a choice?

People are different. For some reason some groups of people feel that it is important for them to forbid other groups from doing things that they don't like, or from even living. This has been going on probably as long as man has been around, and will probably continue on for a long time. I don’t really understand the need for people to impose their values on others; I feel that you should just live your life as best you can and put up with or enjoy the diversity that is all around.

This attitude of us versus them is very evident when dealing with sports. For some reason sports fans feel that those people that don’t support their team are morons, which has led to riots and fighting between supporters of rival teams. I could never understand how anyone could claim that a team is ‘theirs’ just because they like it. Come on, you don’t throw the ball yourself, hire the players, offer any useful advice or do anything to make a team good or bad, so how the heck can you take credit for it winning? Or hate somebody that supports a team that your team lost to?

Religion is another big promoter of us vs. them. If you don’t believe in my God than you are nothing but a heathen that does not deserve to live. I once worked with several people in a ‘Born Again’ group in southern California. Their attitude was that it was OK to lie and cheat people that were not part of their group, because God didn’t care about them, so why should the people? That seemed fairly disgusting to me, about the only part of the Bible that I like are the instructions to treat others as you would be treated, and leave the judgments up to god. Since the California Supreme Court decided that the marriage laws were basically unfair all kinds of groups have come up with proposed constitutional changes in order to enforce the rules the way their god says they should be enforced. I understand that even candidate John McCain is in support of a law that would forbid same sex marriage. I wonder if he opposes the marriage of blacks and whites, or what other types of people he feels are inferior.

Kevin C recently posted a video that seemed fairly appropriate. I think that you could change the name of either group and it would apply reasonably well in lots of situations.

If this post offends you, well, I’m not sorry. Just go away and play with people that you feel comfortable with and leave me in my ignorance and stupidity. I usually try to get along with everyone, but recently have started getting really sick of people that try to impose their wills on others. Whether it be through religion or law or force or lying, as someone said ‘why can’t we all just get along?’

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