Monday, June 16, 2008

Video Monday (animations)

Today’s videos are just ones that I remember as being innovative. These two are about the most technically interesting ones that I’ve seen, even if the songs are not the greatest (but I’ll still turn up the volume when they are on). First comes one of the best stop motion animation shorts I’ve seen. I tried some stop motion stuff back in school, and it really takes quite a bit of work to move everything around, and keep track of where stuff was and where you want it to go. I just love the vegetables, and towards the end all of the people zipping around.

And don’t forget the dancing chickens, with toenail polish. What I think about more than the work that went into something like that (which I know is considerable) is what goes on in the mind of the creator; what kinds of things are that person thinking, to come up with fish in one ear, dancing chickens and furniture moving around the room? Just watching some other Peter Gariel videos, I’ve never seen the Big Time and Digging in the Dirt, and Steam which is more computer animation that stop action; videos I haven’t seen before, not as interesting as Sledgehammer, but again into the animation. Oh, the dirt one is really disturbing.

With the advent of lower cost computers that can handle video editing and animation you don’t see much stop motion or clay-mation anymore. This one I really like, with the camera fixed in position just spinning around and around. Each time I watch it I see more stuff going on in the background; the little car that keeps going by, the skateboards, the motorcycle helmets, and of course there are multiple Kylie’s.

That reminds me of a CSI: Miami episode with triplets, just imagining four Kylie’s. Oh my. (come on, she is forty years old, I don’t lust after the young chickies) Oh – there is a Making of short video that shows a little of how it was done.

And to end, not a musical one, but one that Kevin posted. I will say I am voting democrat this year (again), we just don’t need another four more years of Bush, no matter what that guy says.

OK, with summer coming up I might as well put up that public service announcement that Kevin listed earlier.

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