Thursday, June 19, 2008

Questions around town

Two points taken from our own Norm in one story: on Monday he talked about portrait photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders during a photo shoot Friday here in Vegas.

First point: the photographer was using a 20x24 view camera. In this digital age, a camera that actually uses film! And one the size of a small car besides.

Second point: His subject was Steve Wynn, over there across the street at the hotel that has his name up at the top. He showed Steve a 20x24 Polaroid proof of his shot (imagine, peeling apart something that big?), who was rather impressed. Mr. Wynn said take a break, he was going to get some friends. He returned with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and the three of them sat together for another picture. The photographer’s comment? "I felt particularly poor at the moment". Yea, I was walking in this morning looking up at that tower thinking; how many countries have a net worth less than what was represented in that room?

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