Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spring weather

It was a little cool this morning when I got up, around 71f after yesterday's high of 106, it's 7:20 in the morning and already back up to 84. Mid June, here is what our week looks like:

If you are coming out to Vegas on vacation this summer: don't worry, it will warm up once July gets here. I noticed the weather person was not very creative in their descriptions of the days - just sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny. Oh well, that's what it is.

Friday Update: Saturday is the first day of summer, predictions have changed and now show an expected high of 110f (43c), but the humidity is only 4%. Yes, it's a DRY HEAT. But let me tell you, 110 is still frickin' hot.

And for those of you in Portland, a little proof that you do get sunshine once in a while. Granddaughter E showing us what a great artist she is. And only three years old (though she might of had some help from mom).

See - over there in the lower right corner, on the bunnie's legs? Isn't that sunshine? (ignore the moss growing all over, just look at the dry concrete and sunshine)

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