Monday, June 09, 2008

E Friday

Rob recently posted a list of songs he currently has running through his head and asked us to make up a list. Sorry, but I couldn’t come up with seven songs right now. I’m sitting at my computer listening to Zed Em on the internet; it’s a New Zealand radio station. I like the accents, and the music is a little different than on radio stations here. Their top ten list is different, they play music by local singers that does not make it to the states, and the commercials are a little strange. (10 kilos of lamb from the Mad Butcher – oh). When walking I use my iPod shuffle and just listen to my standard 200 or so songs that have been on there for quite a while.

The only songs that I can say have been traveling through my brain are the two I posted last week – Katmandu and Marrakesh, probably because I’m remembering way back when and I keep clicking on the links to listen again and again. Other than that I’ve got Madelein Payroux online on Pandora, but no specific song.

I haven’t uploaded our shots from the trip yet, so let’s pull up some E shots from B’s last visit up there. They hit the local community center which had an air hockey table, and after a brief learning time E was pretty good at defending her goal.

There were also some basic classes for kids, and E was doing the typical make something thing. I looked at mom’s fridge and nothing was posted on the front, so I don’t know what they are doing with all the art works. I think this was an owl. OK, yes, a pink owl. Well, those were the prettiest feathers.

Since it seems to rain a lot in Portland it seems that the only place E can ride around is also at the community center. She stands around and waits for her favorite motorcycle and then spends the rest of the session racing around the floor. Of course she is a serious driver - see that look of concentration on her face?

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