Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday update

Friday Update: Saturday is the first day of summer, predictions have changed and now show an expected high of 110f (43c), but the humidity is only 4%. Yes, it's a DRY HEAT. But let me tell you, 110 is still frickin' hot.

The increased gas and airfare prices have finally been noticed here in town. Last quarter for the first time in history the gambling revenue was lower than the previous quarter, and a lot of hotel rooms are empty. Our year-round occupancy rate is usually around 98%, so it must be significant if the casinos are admitting that there is a problem. For those of you that do want to come out and brave the heat there are some good deals. The MGM is offering specials, as low as $90 a night, with other stuff thrown in (go to their web site). And for the first time ever the Venetian is offering specials – room rates will match the predicted high temperatures. Don’t see it on their web site, perhaps you have to phone and ask. So tonight (I don’t know if they are doing it weekends too) the rate would be $106. This is down from the normal $299 (or more depending on night). Both web sites have a guarantee that the lowest rate you can get will be on their web site, so it looks like Pri$eline will not be competition anymore at these places.

I’m sure all the other hotels are doing similar things, so if you want to take a short vacation come on

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