Monday, November 21, 2005

Visiting question

Question for those of you that bounce around - when I visit somebody's blog and really have no comment to make about what they wrote, what is a nice comment to leave to show people that I've been there? A few of you mention that you can look at the stats that show visits (I haven't figured out how to do that yet, not sure I want to) and yet you get no comments.

What should I say? Sometimes I try to leave a little note, sometimes I try a joke, but sometimes the posts are serious stuff, about problems or family or bad things that have happened. What do you say when there is nothing to say?

The easy way out is to say 'Michele sent me', but I read the list over to the right as often as I can (sorry, not daily, depends on work and home visitors). Sometimes I follow links based on the comments (hey, if you don't want someone to come, don't leave your blog link in your comment). Last week I ended up at the site of a young lady that evidently was having some severe emotional problems. I understood what she was saying, but could not fully relate to her problems, and just did not know what to say. She was writing and I assume waiting for comments (otherwise why post and enable comments?) but I just didn't know what to say.

Sometimes my regular reads discuss unusual interchanges with friends, or comment about the bad day they are having. Should I say anything? Should I say 'wow, your spouse really is an a**hole', or 'dump that so called friend' or 'go get another job/boyfriend/girlfriend/father/best friend/. . . or just 'Sorry'? Should I give advice, especially when advise is asked for?

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