Wednesday, November 02, 2005

AFter Halloween

Anger – horror – pain – I didn’t write anything a few days ago when the counter over to the right went up to 2000. Enough news stories about the ‘so called threshold’. But I wanted to update, and went to the counter site and found it’s up to 2032 – two thousand and thirty two dead American soldiers. Estimates up to a hundred thousand dead Iraqis. And W keeps saying that we ‘can’t dishonor the memory of those that died’ by leaving. Bull, I think we dishonor them more by throwing lives away for nothing. A civil war will ensue whenever we leave, no matter how many die or how long we stay. Sh . . .

Sorry about that, told myself I wouldn’t any more but there I go again.

Added some new links to the list – I like to read about other lifestyles, just loving France (guess I should add more blogs for that country) but read a lot about England, Hong Kong and Portugal. I started on India, and with our friends coming from Sweden thought that might be interesting.

I think I mentioned before, our ‘exchange student’ from Sweden is coming to visit next week. With his tall blond stewardess wife, eighteen month old twins and four year old. We’ve been busy setting up. Tore out the carpet in the middle bedroom and put down more wood flooring – B calls it her studio, plans on painting or whatever after they leave – peeling wallpaper, painting, new lights, closet, and making all pretty. Front bedroom (guest room) got new carpet, lights in the closet, and closet setup. We found two cribs, kid’s bed, car seats, toys (all from Craig’s List – good place) and now should be all set up. I just need to learn how to say NO in Swedish. It will be different with a house full of little boys (yes, all boys). Have to lock up our dogs – Max is too vicious even with big people, little ones drive him crazy.

Ok, I’ve been forgetting them, but for Clare here are my three things.

1. The smell of fresh paint and look of a newly redone room.
2. Expectations of an interesting visit by friends not seen for a long time.
3. Buying kid’s toys and imagining the laughter and enjoyment (from them, I’m already playing with the stuff).

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