Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On the rocks

I keep talking about the blue skies in Las Vegas. The color is probably due to the lack of moisture, the openness is due to the lack of hills and trees. During my lunchtime walk I go past a rental car lot – our airport does not have rental cars available right at the airport; you have to take a bus to one of these off site locations to get your car. I just liked the blue sky and rows of cars. This is about a quarter of the cars available here at the National/Economy lot.

Just sitting waiting for the Thanksgiving arrivals. There were fewer cars the day before, but the whole front row was filled with silver ones – nice and shiny and washed.

Saturday we took the group up to Red Rock, yesterday they went walking on the Strip – a pretty good contrast. Here are our Swedes on a rock.

They had fun in the sunshine. Four year old Alex really liked the climbing – it was so easy to go up

And of course being that high you couldn’t hear dad yelling for you to stop and come back down. It was mom that realized how steep it is after she caught up with him and looked down. A lot more intimidating looking at how far you have to fall.

And, for Clare:

1. Warm sunshine and a cool breeze as you walk in the quiet park.
2. Thinking of all of those people filling up those waiting cars, having fun on their vacations.
3. Anticipating a quiet house after dropping the group at the airport tomorrow. (it was nice having a full house, but nicer to go back to the way we are used to).

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