Sunday, November 06, 2005

More grandkid photos

Haven't put her up in a while, but Eli was over yesterday and just would not stop smiling.

We set up a swing for the Swede twins coming the end of THIS WEEK! and thought we would try it with some local talent. Looks like it works OK. And you can see we get some leaves on the ground in the fall here in Vegas - this is under our peach tree.

And she is now into some solid (well, more solid than milk) food:

Seems to like her squash. Hold up a spoon and her hands go out and her mouth opens, like a little bird. B said she had sweet potatos the other evening, and B found out about it during her afternoon walk - Phud's third law, what goes in must come out. All over, nice bright orange. Ewhhh.

For those of you that want sound and motion and have high speed access, here's a short clip (turn your head sideways)of Eli laughing taken at a restaurant a few weeks ago. Great laugh. Taken with my camera in video mode, if anyone knows how I can turn that whole thing from being on it's side (very disorienting) to upright please let me know what program will do that.

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