Monday, November 28, 2005

After Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving – looks like lots of people had lots of things going on over the holidays. Seems like we just had a quiet time. I had to work on Friday, boss let us leave at 3 so it wasn’t a ‘full’ day (I usually get off at 4). B has been trying to get a hold of her cousin that lives here in town, but moves and phone changes have taken her out of reach. So it looked like we would be eating alone (first time in years). But on Thursday morning Elva Ruth phoned, so B asked her to come over with her daughter. Fortunately I had gotten a turkey on Wednesday, and pulled together enough stuff to make quite a meal. Ended up being a nice afternoon with family. And I have turkey sandwiches to look forward to for the rest of the week.

We went shopping on Saturday and were surprised at how empty the stores were. We ended up hitting several stores and a big mall, getting some clothes and a bunch of little things. I used my debit card for everything instead of checks or cash – trying to get ‘with it’ in this electronic payment age. At least it was sucked from our checking account rather than build up credit charges. Ended up with a dozen checkout slips, so we did hit a number of cash registers, from Radio Shack to Toys R Us to Sears. The stores were all fairly empty, less people than on a normal Saturday. In all the trips to registers we never had to wait behind somebody in order to pay. To me it doesn’t look to good for the stores if on the biggest shopping weekend of the year the places were empty. Lots of employees – even Sears had every register open, with employees just standing around waiting.

Listening to the radio here, right now there is an advertisement looking for Hooter Girls at the new Hotel San Remo. The Hooters organization purchased the San Remo, a smaller hotel and casino just off the strip, on the side street leading to the Hard Rock. It’s being converted to the Hooters Casino, and they want to staff the whole place with women dressed as they normally do at the Hooters restaurants. The outfit is composed of white T-shirts, red shorts, and heavy panty hose. There are two Hooters already in Vegas, one close to our house. It’s pretty funny, how the Hooters girls in most cities would be looked upon as having the most provocative outfits, but here in Vegas they’ll be the most conservative.

The DJs just having an interview with Inxs. New CD coming out tomorrow, sounds like the big song for our stations will be ‘Pretty Vegas’. New tour coming, they’ll be at Mandalay Bay in January. Vegas is good for that – almost all the tours come through here.

Had a good breakfast yesterday – thanks to Clare I had some real British marmalade on my toast. We’re trading some US maple syrup for British marmalade. Thanks Clear. Ice in our fountain this morning. A cold front moved down from Alaska yesterday, and temps this weekend are twenty degrees lower than we had last weekend. Looks like our Swedes left just in time – had good weather here, but caught the cold up in Seattle for there last few days in the US. Last year we had ice a few times, not very often. I took some pics on the way out the door, hopefully I can get my act together and post more shots from around town soon.

For Clare:

1. Taking time with the Sunday paper, coffee and good breakfast to nibble on.
2. Going out for Christmas shopping and not having crowds to deal with. But somehow it feels more like Christmas if the stores are full of people.
3. Having a car with a good heater, so you can warm up quickly on cold days.

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