Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday walk again

Back from my lunchtime walk a little while ago. Still doing the new route because of construction across from the airport. It is a beautiful sunny day, a little cooler than originally predicted. It was around 68f, supposed to go down to 46f tonight. We were hoping for warmer days so that our Swedish group would see a big difference from back home, but even at this it is warmer. Their range at home yesterday was 42/27f. The group went swimming, even though the pool is down to 68f (it hit a high this summer of 93f water temp). But Carina said that this is about the temperature of their lake in the summer, so they are used to this. Oh well, can’t show off the really warm weather – should have sucked them out in September, but back then it was nice in Sweden too.

Anyway, the walk was great – the sky that perfect Vegas blue, no clouds at all. A few jet stripes way up high that didn’t run on too long. I’ve tried taking pictures of this before, but it’s more of an open sunny feeling that is really hard to photograph.

For Clare (I keep forgetting these, sorry):

1. Having a friend that can come up with three beautiful things EVERY DAY (how the heck do you keep doing that?).
2. Fast walks in the cool but bright sunshine, with your legs all woozy when you get back and sit down (think I said this one before?).
3. Having a task thrown at you that has to be done RIGHT NOW and at first just having a blank moment, then realizing it looks familiar, and pulling out old code, changing it a little, and getting it done RIGHT NOW and impressing everybody(including yourself).
4. Realizing it’s Friday at a half hour before going home time!!!!!

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