Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving thoughts

Well, dropped the crew off at the airport this morning. Sorry I didn’t take the camera – looked so cute, those three little blond heads in the stroller. And dad with a luggage cart piled higher than the kids. Three big suitcases and two kid’s car seats. They took back two car seats, as in Sweden they can only get rear facing wide seats – guess they are safer, but they can’t get three seats across, and the kids don’t like looking at the seat back, so they unbuckle themselves and stand up to look forward, kind of removing the safety factor.

Even at 7am the Las Vegas airport was crowded. Nobody coming in yet, but the outgoing group pretty big. An article in the paper said the airport expects 1.1 million travelers through it this week. A little over normal, but lots of these are residents instead of visitors. Hotels are looking at full bookings this weekend. Then it kind of tapers off until the New Year’s parties. The National Rodeo is in town for the first ten days in December, but that’s about it for conventions. Lots of boots and cowboy hats expected around town.

I hope to hit some shows this month. Several casinos offer two for one tickets if you have a local drivers license. A number of shows close down for the month, being so light they can take some time off. We’ve seen several big ones, but I would like to get to Rita Rudner at New York New York. Maybe we can hit the Blue Man Group – they’ve moved from the Luxor. Time to hit the strip, when the crowds are light and decorations are up. The Bellagio really fixes up their garden atrium each year. Last year they had a forest snow scene, with snow falling from the ceiling.

I came down with a very nice head cold yesterday. Went home and spent the day in bed, then couldn’t sleep all night being so stuffy. Took some head clearing stuff this morning, but it makes my thinking fuzzy, which is a challenge when you’ve got to write programs. The kids are off to San Diego for the long weekend, so I’ll pick up a turkey this afternoon and get it cut in half – well, for two a fifteen pound bird is a little much. At least this way we’ll get two big meals, and at that seven pounds is still rather large. But I love the leftovers, looking forward to hot and cold turkey sandwiches, and pie!

Two reminders this post. Jane pointed at Zoozan, who reminds about the Aids day.
Support World AIDS Day
And Virginia Gal reminds us about Skip a Meal day to remind us about hunger around the world. Makes me realize that half a turkey and a head cold don’t really compare to what is going on elsewhere.

For Clare:

1. Having my health, even with a cold that takes me down for a few days. It will go away for me, and I’ll feel better again.
2. Having a full pantry, and knowing where my next meal is.
3. Having a warm house and my own bed and our two dogs (even if they are noisy) and being all together in safety.
4. Having a quiet house again, even though it was fun with a crowd.

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