Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strip casinos

We’ve been hearing about the new City Center project for years. It finally opened around last Christmas, and we had yet to visit this $7,000,000,000 project while seeing photos of it. Last week we finally went down to the Strip and walked around the place. We parked behind the Excalibur as that parking garage is rather easy for us to get to from the back, walked around there, across the street to New York New York, over to the Luxor, took the tram to the Bellagio to see their conservatory show and then walked back through City Center itself.

It is different than most other Las Vegas casino/hotels in that it is modern. There is no theme to the place, theme casinos having fallen out of style a while back with Treasure Island being rebranded to TI and removing all piratey stuff from inside. New places are more generic and not kid oriented. CC is definitely for adults, no suits of armor or boats or anything. All the surfaces are hard and shiny, very few carpeted areas were to be found. Most Vegas casinos have full wall to wall carpets, probably to keep noise down, but CC is all tiles.

I’ve got a lot of photos, and will be dribbling them out. Here are some shots of the other casinos we walked through the same day. I like the fairy tale castle theme of Excalibur:

The Luxor pyramid is one of my favorite places. It’s always fairly dark and feels like it’s night inside because of the lack of windows and high ceiling. There is now a big flag hanging from the peak inside:

Walking back through New York New York we passed the sports book, which is quite small in comparison to other casinos. There are not very many places to sit, but there are sure a lot of big TV screens on the wall:


Will said...

The only time I visited Las Vegas was in '66 or '67. It seemed just fine to me. Who knew Disneyland was acoming.

Virginia Gal said...

When we went to Vegas earlier this year we stayed across from City Centre at Paris. I thought it was neat but more like a bunch of different buildings, was it all suppose to be one cohesive theme?

WhisperingWriter said...

I love that castle too. Very cool.

Don said...

So many casinos; so little time.

We finally made it to the shops in the Forum at Caesars Palace. Whew! There are a lot of them; all expensive too which is why no one was in them. I can't imagine the amount of money those places are losing just in the rent they must pay. There were plenty of people around; just none in the shops.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Luxor! It's amazing!