Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday videos - Adult Sesame Street

There was some controversy last week about Katy Perry appearing on Sesame Street. I really like Sesame Street, and still watch it when I can. I still like the older Muppets, but E, like most kids, loves Elmo. I started watching before Elmo came on, I think Gonzo is probably my fav. But Katy did one of her recent songs while having a play date with Elmo, the clip was somehow published on YouTube, and the resulting complaints about the amount of skin she exposed has caused SS to suspend inclusion of that segment. (the new season of SS starts today, don’t know when this clip was scheduled). In a press conference today Elmo said he would be very happy to have another play date with Katy. It looks like the video keeps being removed; let’s see if this link works:

Some people have had their kids watch the clip, and kids didn’t mention her outfit they all wanted MORE ELMO!!! So to kids the skin was no big deal. Yup, adults strike again.

On other fronts Scaryduck posted a video that we didn’t get to see over on this side, but it does remind me of the 80’s anyway. It’s not an adult video, but will probably only be remembered by adults.

(anyone want to admit to having hair like that?) Don’t think I’ve ever Jacked, was that dance popular here? Wow, enough synthesizer in that.

For our last one, let’s keep with the Sesame adult theme, but please don’t play this one when the kids are in the room. Not because of the breasts but because of the song. The Blogess pointed to a version of Peaches Teaches: I don’t think I’ll ever look at Miss Piggy the same again.


The Blonde Duck said...

I love Seaseme Street!

JoeinVegas said...

Even the Miss Piggy song? (well, that's The Muppet Show and not SS, but almost the same)

Daly said...

I loved Sesame Street. I must fall in the same line as the kids because when that clip of Katie Perry and Elmo made the news, I could not see what all the hoopla was about...?!?! Either that or I've been desensitized by what is 'normal' to see in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

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