Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dogs on Tuesday - Buster sleeping

I don’t have many pictures of Max here in Las Vegas, like kids, you take a lot of shots when they are young but eventually you get used to them and stop taking photos. But here is one of him down in San Diego, in our back courtyard with a bandage on his back leg when he tore a nail.

Buster is now around 20 years old, missing one eye and almost blind in the other and fairly deaf. He doesn’t jump around because he can’t see in addition to probably being fairly worn out. He usually sleeps most of the time, and has given up jumping onto the bed or couch, so he just lays down when he gets tired. This means we have to watch where we walk.

(no, haven't changed the kitchen floor yet) Sometimes we put him up on the couch, when it’s hot and we have the air conditioner on and the fan going.

But if we don’t pick him up he will just stop anywhere.


Will said...

No new tricks for old dogs, now he's just an old friend.

SOL's view said...

Nap attack! He looks so cute when he's sleeping.

Sad watching the decline of an old friend.

Froggy said...

Poor Buster. He's such a beautiful boy. *hugs for Buster* x

The Blonde Duck said...

Love the puppies!

Dan said...

aw, bless him, he is the same age as my cat, who also sleeps most of the time in similar positions!