Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tony Curtis

Yes, should say goodbye to Tony Curtis. He’s been living in Vegas for the past ten years, and appears in our newspaper columns quite often. He is seen in a lot of the clubs and restaurants, and shows off his paintings often. He’s friendly with everyone, and still liked to play tricks on people. Yesterday’s paper discussed one time he went to a restaurant with a group and Milton Berle was already there with some friends. Tony stopped by to say hi and Uncle Miltie (a little fuzzy from age) loudly proclaimed ‘who the fuck was that guy?’. Tony went back to the kitchen, put on a full chef’s outfit, came out and sat with Milton and started discussing the food. Milton still didn’t know who he was and yelled to throw the bum out.

Some favorite movies, Rob particularly liked the pie throwing in The Great Race, yes a great scene:

I liked Some Like It Hot

Tony was particularly fond of the 1978 TV show Vega$, where he played casino owner Roth (sorry, couldn't find a clip with Tony in it)

A little different now, most of the neon is gone, replaced with LEDs and giant TV screens.
Bye Tony

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Rob said...

Tony Curtis was also excellent in Nicholas Roeg's "Insignificance", where he played "The Senator", clearly modelled on Joe McCarthy. He had a big scene with "The Actress" (clearly Monroe) played by Theresa Russell. Must have been strange for him to be playing opposite someone acting Marilyn, after playing opposite Marilyn. (It's a very unsympathetic part, which I suspect he liked as he usually played romantic leads.)