Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner out - Steaks

We were in the mood for a good meal tonight and I thought I’d try a place that we’ve been driving past for quite a while.

Down on Sahara just a half block west of the Strip is the Golden Steer. It’s been in the same place since 1958, so it might be the oldest restaurant in Vegas still serving. It doesn’t look like the place has changed in the last fifty years. It feels like an old restaurant inside, with red leather booths and waiters in tuxedoes. There is still a piano player at the baby grand in the bar area, and several of the staff have been there over thirty years. Steak is what they are known for, but they also have fresh lobster and seafood along with other items. The wine list includes some pretty good liquids, and a full bar can create almost anything, including some old style martinis.

Bobbie and I both had the filet, and it was marvelous. We’ve been looking for another great steak place, and this one served up some pretty good meat.

They are also one of the few restaurants in town that have a license to burn; desserts in the dining room that is. They create Cherries Jubilee or Bananas Foster at tableside, and in the semi dark room it makes for a spectacular show.

We had the cherries. It was a great dessert after a fine meal.

According to the maître de this place has always been a dining spot for the famous in town. Our mayor Oscar Goodman comes regularly, the table in the corner is where Elvis used to sit at, the Rat Pack liked the corner near the door, and OJ had his last meal here before his current incarceration.

We’ll go back, but how often depends on consistency. The total for two of us, with salad, wine, steaks, sides and desserts was right at $150.


Virginia Gal said...

Looks like a place where the Rat Pack would hang out : )

Will said...

Throw back places are getting harder to find. Eating habits, etiquette and social skills are changing.

We once invited a couple to dine with us at a semi-fancy restaurant such as the one you've shown. We told them it was to be a "casual dress evening".

I was wearing slacks, shirt with no tie and a jacket ... the man showed up wearing sports shorts, a sport's tee with flip flops on his feet.

SOL's view said...

Oh dear. Unless you're dining at Maccas or the like you should always at least wear closed shoes! Or dressy sandals for the ladies.

The restaurant looks lovely, but it's obviously been a while since I dined out. I gasped and thought, wow that's expensive! But as stated it's been a while so it very likely isn't!

The dessert looks spectacular. I'd order some of that. A couple times over. :D

Froggy said...

That is quite expensive. Not for silver service though, and that sounds like what you got (the tuxedos give it away). Sounds absolutely delish!

Don said...

Obviously the prices are keeping up with the rest of the strip but if it's good.... Thanks for the idea.

Found a place much like that in San Diego, unfortunately the food wasn't up to the tradition.

Suzy said...

I love those old timey restaurants that look like that. I think we're going to Musso and Frank's this Friday. It's on Hollywood Blvd and has been around since the beginning of movie stars. The waiters wear long white aprons and the martinis come in JUMBO glasses!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

From here in Europe it seems so inexpensive! A beautiful restaurant like that here would be much more costly. :( Oh well, it keeps my waistline in shape because with prices like that I'd be so tempted to eat out far more often.

Momma McCall said...

This looks like the old restaurant The Venetian that used to be right around there. I loved that place for it's dark corners, old Vegas feel. Will have to check this place out.