Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Warm weather

So, according to our mayor it’s officially summer, which the weatherman seems to agree with as it’s been over 100f for the past three days. A little cooling for the next few days, but we can see the sunshine ahead and it appears it will be another warm season, well, who would have thunk it? We saw it coming, went down to Town Square last weekend just to look around and we passed by the kid’s place. Town Square is our newest mall in town, and outdoor mall located at the southern end of the Strip next to Fry’s. E liked the kid’s area, there were little houses and stores to go play in, and now that it is warm they have turned on the fountains, and the kids seem to be enjoying chasing the water around.

I was almost ready to go join them, but then just got a big iced coffee from the Coffee Bean place and decided it was cool enough.

I was on my lunchtime walk last week and came across something I hadn’t seen before:

No, not the hotel or the pirate ships, those I see all the time. It’s down below, on the pirate ship over to the left. Can’t see it? I didn’t have my camera with the good telephoto lens, but there was a wedding going on. With guys in pirate hats and outfits and everything. I know, I see women in full brides regalia at least once a week, and weddings on the boats in our canal are normal, as are weddings taking place all over, but I didn’t know that you could get on the boats easily enough, or do something like that out there. But then again, this is Vegas, and if you have the money you can do just about anything.

Hope you are doing something to celebrate the arrival of nice warm weather.

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