Thursday, May 07, 2009

Not much, Spring jazz

My computer at work has recently started coming up with warning messages on boot. These messages are from Microsoft requesting that I install a new program of theirs called Genuine Advantage. The info on this program makes it sound like I would be greatly helped by installing it: "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is a program that helps Microsoft fight software piracy and helps you validate that the copy of Microsoft Windows XP installed on your computer is genuine and properly licensed.
By confirming that your copy of Windows XP is genuine, you can take advantage of all the capabilities, support, and continuous improvements-as well as the peace of mind-that come with using genuine Windows. If your copy is not genuine, WGA Notifications will provide periodic reminders to help you take the appropriate action. It's part of Microsoft's commitment to fight software counterfeiting and help you avoid problems before they happen."

In other words, install this and if you aren’t running software you paid us for we will hound you to death with messages and prevent you from performing any work at all. But with peace of mind, and they want to help me avoid problems before they happen. I am impressed with the legal department there, as well as the PR department that somehow makes it sound like they are helping you, kind of like those police officers on TV interviewing somebody saying "come on, I can't help you unless you confess" (since we have no proof otherwise). Thank you Big M for being so nice. And displaying this message for me every morning when I boot up.

OK, on to some things that have been hanging around for a while. I don’t know where I came across this one, but for those of you perhaps a bit creative in the pizza topping department, there is McDonalds as pizza. Reminds me of all the fried things offered at the county fair. Mmmmmmmmm

Over a bit, Zoe is having some problems with her teen ager, and one suggestion was to ship him off to the French Foreign Legion. I’ve always heard that used as a joke, or a way to get away from things, but from the web site it looks like they are accepting recruits, so those of you really fed up with your life, perhaps a change might be in order.

Around here, it looks like Spring has finally arrived. Yesterday’s high was around 98 (38c) with similar weather predicted for the next week. This warmth is a little early, but from all the pink shoulders I’ve seen out on the street other people are unaccustomed to our sunshine as well. I enjoy the warmth, it was especially pleasant last evening, we went to a farmer’s market up in Summerlin at the suggestion of a co worker, picked up some barbeque sandwiches from a guy in a white truck with a big smoking griller on a trailer in back and sat on the grass eating. There was a warm breeze and the sounds of kids playing in the park mingling with periodic blasts of the aromatic smoker smoke wafting by and tangy ‘que sauce on the sandwiches going down. Nice. Saturday is the start of our local Jazz in the Park series, with Allen Toussaint performing. We get to sit on the grass with a picnic meal and listen to good music while the sun sets. (and free, did I say free music?) Best time of year.

For those of you not familiar with Allen, he wrote two songs that have been redone a lot of times, and tons others that have been recorded by other people. The ones I remember most are Working in a Coal Mine

(goin' down down down) and Southern Nights

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