Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

Last week was Memorial Day weekend, and some exciting things happened here. Sorry to be so late in writing about them. This is the American start of summer, some schools finished up this last week, and people hopefully can say goodbye to winter weather and look forward to a few months of nice. First up, the water temp in our pool reached 90f. I like to keep it around 92, so it is in swimmable conditions. Temps here are supposed to be a bit cooler this weekend, only 95 (35c) predicted for tomorrow, but still sufficiently warm for swimming, so you will find me in the pool. (Feel free to come out and join us)

In our garden the tomatoes are doing well, some of the cherry tomatoes have turned red

And some of the others are a bit away from green (we didn't plant big ones this year, just a few mid sized varieties)

A few days before that someone turned four, with her new short hair.

And is looking forward to eating the cake that Grammy made for her.

So, how did your week go?


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