Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fat rebates

Did you ever see an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine and think to yourself "self, how could they print that?". Well, I was going through the paper last Sunday pulling out the pieces we don't read, like the job section and the cars for sale section and noticed the full page advertisement on the front of the car section.

For some reason this just struck me as being pretty obnoxious. First off, what’s fat about that? You can’t see the rest of her, what you see doesn’t look like fat, or do they mean fat as the hip-hop definition or something? Well, the top line says REAL BIG: I guess they look real big. This being Vegas they aren't as big as a lot of the ones around town, and that might be considered dull with so much white cloth covering things up, but still I don’t really like it.

This advertisement would not make me go down to that dealership and purchase a car. It might make me write a nasty letter to the owner of the dealership. Who came up with this concept, was it somebody in an ad agency somewhere that said "Hey, let’s use a close-up of big breasts to advertise a big rebate campaign"? I wonder what the presentation was like to the guy in charge at the dealership. Did somebody at the dealership have a drinking lunch at one of our Gentlemen’s clubs and become enamored with one of the entertainers, or is this a national ad campaign that came down from the car manufacturer? Have any of you seen it in other cities? Am I just being too paranoid?

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