Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Monday videos - strange remix

Missed Music Monday again, sorry, so here are some assorted things to catch you up. Microsoft recently released a program called Songsmith, which was designed to provide automatic background music to any vocal track you sing into it. Sounds like it would be great for karaoke singers that have the words but not background music. Here is the original advertisement.

But some people have been feeding the vocals from old songs into it just to see what happens, and some of what happens is a little strange. It looks like you can select what background style you want, and play with the beat and basic instrument selection. You can go to the linked website to see a bunch of these, but my favorite is the old Beatles tune Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Yes, Paul does sound a little demented with that background.

Or Ozzy on a Crazy Train with banjo?

(wow, is that the same Ozzie on the tv show I catch once in a while?) Calypso Queen will Rock You?

Now that I've been listening to it for a day I've started to really like this No Doubt oldie. I like the description - "It sounds like the Lost Forest in Zelda: Ocarina of Time mixed with an auto repair shop... mixed with some gongs".

OK, enough of that stuff already. I guess you can sit with that program all day and just play with different background themes. Sounds like hours and hours of basic amusement. After much searching I found that you can download this directly from Microsoft for only $29. I think I'll get it, B and E should have fun singing into the computer and making their work into real songs.

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