Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random blogs

A few months ago I put up that little Black Box thing on the right side there. It’s a random find another blog to read thingie that works quite well. When you sign up to be listed you enter two phrases for selection, which are used to prompt people. When you click on the box you get a series of selections, and at the end a random blog will pop up. Once in a while I sit and click through to several; some are interesting, some are gone, some are on topics that I really don’t care about (yes, there are some things I can just ignore and go on with my own life, sorry). It’s kind of like clicking on the Blogspot random blog thing, except I always get English blogs, while clicking on the Next Blog button up there on top I seem to get a random selection of languages, all of which I just do not understand. Sometimes there are nice pictures though.

For some reason Black Boxes seems to throw me quite frequently over to Fred’s place, he is a teacher in Tampa, Florida and discusses things going on with his family and school. Interesting, but I don’t know why BB sends me there about 10% of the time. Hi Fred!

One that I am going to add to my internationals list is Miranda. She lives in southern Africa, and has a lot of photos and stories about a place in the world that I will probably never visit. I am part of the American work style, where we get a whole two weeks of vacation a year, and usually use most of it to visit relatives, and if I do save up for a long trip we usually do big cities, and are overdue for a visit to our doctor in Sweden. Hopefully next year we can take some time to see him, and stop in Britain as part of the trip to visit some of the bloggers that I am reading regularly. They make it seem so nice and green, but then again, almost anyplace is greener than the Vegas desert.

But clicking on the Next Blog button also at times leads to interesting stuff. I don’t know what language this one is, perhaps Korean? But there are some nice designs, and a few pretty houses. Design. B was an art major in school, and I’ve always liked architecture and design. My favorite magazine was Abitare, and Italian magazine that was just filled with photos of all kinds of things, but we stopped our subscription when the price got fairly astronomical.

So, go off and click one of those things and try someplace random today, rather than just ending up with my random thoughts.

See, you come here for a potion of my wonderous wit, marvelous photographs and erudite writing and what do I do? Send you away. Sorry.

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