Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, I'm sorry, I've tried to stay pleasant and avoid subjects that cause people to think. This wasn't designed to be a political blog but mainly just a place to share pictures that I've taken around Las Vegas because I really like it here and want people to see how nice it is. Or strange, because at times it is strange but usually I don't have a camera with me when the strange things happen.

But today I just have to join Deana and bring up something that I find important. Mainly, that our country has really gone downhill over the past eight years. We have soldiers dying in countries that we should not even be in, where we are throwing away billions of dollars in ‘reconstruction’ funds and costs that would be better spent at home on health care of food or just about anything, or not be spent by the government but left to the people. Our national debt is higher than it ever has been, I feel no safer flying (if I do, I now avoid it) and hate putting up with those petty restrictions and full body searches (no, you are not safer because of it, the 9-11 guys got their stuff in a different way).

I think our country cannot handle another four years of Bush. Yes, I feel the Republican candidate would just continue on the same path that we have been heading along. Get off your butts people and do something.

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