Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More music gone

Don’t know why, but when I go through the paper I usually turn past the obituary pages and get stopped by the big stories that usually talk about famous people that have recently died. I’ve put up items that I’ve seen there before, so here are two more.

Don Helms, steel guitar player for Hank Williams recently passed away. I don’t remember the player but I sure remember hearing the guitar. OK, you may not like country music, but at times it’s still pretty. Don developed that style while playing in clubs, with the belief "that a high, whining sound would cut through the noise of a typical roadhouse or bar where people would be talking, dancing and carrying on." Cold cold heart

Here he is with Hank on the same song.

And there’s that steel guitar in the back of this one too

Back to Cold, Cold Heart; a newer version, one that I have on my play list by Nora Jones

In a completely different musical direction, Dorival Caymmi, a noted Brazilian composer also died. His music was performed by many South American entertainers; his song "O que E que a Baiana Tem?" brought Carmen Miranda to the attention of American movie producers. Here seen for the first time in one of those fancy outfits

OK, sidetracked in YouTube again by the women, just can’t get over Carmen’s many hats

Back to Dorival, here with Joao Gilberto performing himself

OK, music education for today is over.

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