Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hands again?

A while back (not that long ago) we drove up to Portland to visit granddaughter E. Prior to our trip I wanted to visit with some of the marvelous writers who’s blogs I like to visit regularly. So far only two of you that have come to Vegas have called, so I had the pleasure of a lunch with loverly Anna and her marvelous accent and lunch with the gorgeous Deana with her marvelous accent (oh, yes you do) and her husband (unfortunately – but Martin was nice). So in the rainy northwest, after some changes, I got to have coffee with this beautiful person:

Yes, I like pictures of hands. I have them of Anna and Deana but can’t find them right now, I’ll have to look and repost tomorrow. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting when people came to Vegas to have a shot of them pulling on a slot machine lever, then posting the pics and having you try to guess who they were.

OK, this is where we take a little break while you wonder what the heck is going on. Thanks to Mom for this one.

That didn’t go over at all (no one guessed) so beyond the first posting I will not force you to wonder (if you did) who it was. It was RSG, in her smiling brightness out of the rain and in front of my dropped so all of my Portland photos are fuzzy camera.

We had a lovely short time (too short, she had to be off for a work meeting) leaving me again with thoughts of how interesting the people I read about really are. And much prettier in person (though she does look good in her own posted shots) bringing thoughts of us both being married to others, oh well. It was raining that day (what? Rain in Portland?) and she had sparkles in her hair (I think that was the rain) and a big smile on her face and very intelligent words (from a writer, who would have thunk?)

Anyway, thanks RGS for taking some time out to meet with me.

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