Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was wandering around the big hotel casino resort next door and noticed the difference between the employee areas and the guest areas. Thinking about it, I guess that most places usually fancy up the area where guests are expected while not spending as much on the rooms that the employees or locals spend time in. My house is the same way, we keep the front room pretty while my office is, shall we say, not usually presented to the public. Anyway, this is the main corridor used by employees

While this is the main corridor used by guests.

Ah well, employees keep coming back for their paycheck, no reason to make it too pretty for them, a few motivational posters and some artificial greenery will be good enough; at least they did something other than plain institutional white walls. Guests on the other hand come here to spend their money, so let’s give them a show and make them want to come back because it’s so pretty.

Today is the last day of the big clothing show with the sparkles upstairs. For those of you that care, the ‘in’ look this time for women: black t-shirt with white men’s dress shirt unbuttoned over it over tiny jeans shorts: shorts that if they were any shorter wouldn’t be shorts but a belt. Half the time these are over black tights with runs down the front. If no tights then you are required to have ugly purplish tattoos on your calf to share with the world. I couldn’t tell about the tramp stamps ‘cause the long shirt tails were covering them. For guys, black T over black jeans. For both: low top sneakers in silver and fancy colors.

We walked around the show a little. Unfortunately there was no repeat of the models from last time. Oh well, but Tau ran the DJ booth overhead (one was built up in the air over an aisle) and there were always a few Tau girls above our heads dancing in tiny shorts, wiggling that booty for all to see. Other than that, very few models in the booths, I think I only saw three or four, and a couple of guys just modeling jeans. Next week is the bridal show, so we’ll have acres of lace and ecru all over the place.

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